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This article will help you find necessary information about VPN access to your server IPMI. We will review the basic moments:

  1. Where is the information stored in client area;

  2. How to connect to VPN from Windows;

  3. How to connect to VPN from Linux.

When you order your Dedicated server, all access information will be sent you to e-mail. However, this information is also available from Client area. Let's see, where to find it from.

In press “Services” link (https://my.core.hosting/clientarea.php?action=services). From the list of your services locate your server and click on it. A page with your server properties will open. Go to Additional Information tab to find VPN and IPMI access data:



Now you are ready to setup your VPN connection to your server's IPMI.


How to connect to VPN from Windows

Log on to your Windows PC with an administrator account. Press Start > Settings > Network & Internet > VPN.


Press Add VPN button and fill the fields:


Press Save and now you are ready to connect to our VPN server to manage your server's IPMI.


How to connect to VPN from Linux

We will use Ubuntu with GUI for our sample

Open network manager and press + mark in VPN section abd select Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). Fill needed fields:

Warning! When you are connecting to VPN with this settings you Internet connection will be lost. If you don't want it to happen, open «IPv4» tab and click "Use this connection only for resources of its network".


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